research themes:
(i) the design of dynamic hydrogels to probe cell-ECM interactions
(ii) the development of microscale engineering tools to recreate the complexity of biological systems
Loebel, C.; Ayoub A.; Galarraga J.H.; Kossover, O.; Simaan-Yameen, H.; Seliktar, D.; Burdick, J.A. (2019) Tailoring supramolecular guest-host hydrogel viscoelasticity with covalent fibrinogen double networks. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 7, 1753-1760

Loebel, C.*; Rodell, C.B.*; Chen, M.H.; Burdick, J.A. (2017) Shear-thinning and self-healing hydrogels as injectable therapeutics and for 3D-printing. Nature Protocols, 12(8), 1521-1541 *equal contribution
Illustration: Various hydrogels that are designed with tensile and self-healing properties (scale bars 5 mm).
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