(i) how does nascent ECM alter a cell's perception of an engineered microenvironment and how does the biomaterial affect nascent matrix signals?
(ii) how can we harness nascent ECM towards regenerative applications such as tissue repair and disease modeling?
Relevant publications: 
Loebel, C.*; Kwon, M.*; Wang, C.; Han, L.; Mauck, R.L.; Burdick, J.A. (2020) Metabolic labeling to probe temporal changes in the pericellular matrix at the cell-hydrogel interface. Advanced Functional Materials, in press *equal contribution
Illustration: Nascent protein deposition (grey) by chondrocytes (left) and stromal cells (right) and structural similarity with specific proteins (collagents and fibronectin) within 3D hydrogels (scale bars 20 µm).                                
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