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We develop biomaterials and engineering technologies to improve our understanding of how cells interact with their extracellular microenvironment. By applying in vitro and in vivo models our goal is to probe tissue regeneration and repair in diseases such as fibrotic, congenital and inflammatory disorders, and with a particular focus on the pulmonary system.

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biomaterials and engineering technologies
Soft (bio)materials, such as polymeric hydrogels, can be designed to recreate certain aspects of the extracellular matrix (ECM). Engineering hydrogel platforms that are mechanically and structurally dynamic allows to probe biological questions and translate our findings to medical applications.
nascent matrix
Almost every cell in the body is surrounded by extracellular matrix (ECM), which influences cell function and fate. Our recent studies have shown that within engineered microenvironments, newly secreted (nascent) ECM alters cell-biomaterial interactions. Building upon these observations, we are currently probing several questions related to nascent matrix composition and biophysics.
pulmonary engineering
The pulmonary system presents a complex niche of various cell types, including epithelial and mesenchymal cell populations, and their surrounding extracellular matrix (ECM). Understanding the mechanisms behind cell-to-cell and cell-to-ECM interactions is critical towards therapeutic interventions.
recent articles
Ahmed DW, Eiken MK, DePalma SJ, Helms AS, Zemans RL, Spence JR, Baker BM, Loebel C. Integrating mechanical cues with engineered platforms to explore cardiopulmonary development and disease. iScience. 2023 108472. Plaster EM, Eiken MK, Loebel C. DMTMM-Mediated Synthesis of Norbornene-Modified Hyaluronic Acid Polymers to Probe Cell-Hydrogel Interactions. Carbohydr. Polym. Technol. Appl., 6 100360, 2023.
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We are building a culturally and scientifically diverse team of students, trainees and clinicians.
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Our goal is to provide an environment that acknowledges that there are social and racial inequities but each individual has the power to make a change.
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We are enthusiastic about undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral trainees who are interested in joining the group.
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email: loebelcl@umich.edu
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